Clever Valentines the Whole Family Will Enjoy

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We Love creating our own Valentines.  DIY Valentines make the holiday even more special. This year I got my inspiration from a friend who recently launched a soap making business. Concurrently, L received a small soap making kit in his Tinker Crate subscription, and he was totally into it.  All we needed was a clever tag line and it took L all of 30 seconds to come up with one.  “Valentine, I need to come ‘clean’, I’m crazy about you!”  Alternately, you could use “Valentine, It’s no ‘soaprise’, I think you’re great!”
Clever DIY Valentines the Whole Family Will Enjoy

We bought our supplies at Michael’s, but if you prefer shopping from home, I’ve included links to all of the needed materials.

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DIY Valentines

Materials for Your Clever DIY Valentines

Instructions on How to Make Your Clever DIY Valentines

  • The first step is chopping up the soap into small pieces then melting a few pieces at a time.  Microwave until all of the soap is melted (between 40 seconds to a minute for us).

DIY Valentines Instructions

  • Add a couple drops of your chosen scent and colorant then stir with the crafts sticks.
  • Pour into the mold and let sit for about 40 minutes.

DIY Valentines Soap Hearts

  • L’s idea-  Add glitter if you choose to.  Remember, glitter is a choice.
  • Once the soap has set it will easily come out of the molds.

DIY Valentines Heart Soaps

  • Print out our Valentine Soap Templates or make your own. Then have the kids cut out the hearts and add decoration as desired.
  • We packaged ours in tiny paper bags but I’m sure there are a million ways to approach packaging.
  • We had some leftover ribbon from last year, so we tied a little piece to each bag to dress it up.
  • We printed our sentiment on plain paper and used a heart-shaped hole puncher to cut it out then glued it (glue dots) to the paper bag.

This was super fun and an easy project to make with my kiddo.  I hope you have fun with it, too, and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.

DIY Non-Candy Valentines with Free Printable Valentine


  1. Such a fun treat to make and receive! I love that it’s not candy – kids already get so much candy from their valentines at school!


  2. What a unique Valentine’s alternative to candy. And, they look like fun to make–they turned out so pretty!


  3. This is a wonderful idea! There’s way too much candy around Valentine’s Day, so this is a great alternative.


  4. These are so fun. My girls would love helping me make these for Valentine’s. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love this idea! It sounds like a fun project to do with the kids. I know my stepdaughter would love getting to make her own little pink heart soap 🙂


  6. What a fun an easy project. Plus I love how you even made the bags. Perfect for a saturday project.


  7. What a fun idea for Valentine’s Day! I never would have thought of it .. but they’re really cool. Thank-you so much for sharing!


  8. These candy-free Valentines are SO cool. I never thought to make soaps. Will have to give this a try.


  9. What a cute idea! I love giving non-candy stuff for school since there are so many allergies. I love how these soaps turned out!


  10. What a great NON-CANDY idea. I am so over all the candy my little one brings home from his class parties. This is a fantastic idea!


    1. Thanks so much! We have been over all the candy our little ones brings home from their class parties, too. We also have a fun time coming up with the puns. 🙂


  11. These are adorable! I’m all for gifts that aren’t full of sugar! My kids experimented with soap making a bit last year and had a lot of fun with it!


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