The Best Educational Gifts for Kids Ages 2-12

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Call us sneaky, but when we give gifts, we like to give kids toys and games that have an educational value to them. That may be because we play for a living. At work, our job is to help children build skills and learn. At home, our job is to help our children grow and develop to the best of their abilities. We find that kids learn best when they are having fun so we try to gift wrap our lessons by playing games and doing fun hands-on activities. Over the years, we have discovered so many awesome educational gifts for kids. Games and toys that the children love to play, games and toys that we can use over and over again, and games and toys that help children learn and develop.

The Best Educational Gifts for Kids Ages 2-12

All the games and toys in our gift guide have been used with our own kids or in therapy and tutoring. The children that we work with are on the autism spectrum, have learning disabilities or have attention deficit disorder. You can find the best gift for any child right here!

This post contains affiliate links. Click the pictures to buy from Amazon.

The Best Educational Gifts for Kids Ages 2-12

Building Toys

Fort Magic

  • Build Large-size, Unlimited fort designs with just one Fort Magic Kit.
  • Award Winning, Patented Fort Building & Construction Toy For Kids. Ages 6+
  • 346 Piece Building Kit – High Quality, Sturdy Construction, Full Color Instruction Manual. Easily Store Kit Parts In Retail Box.


KEVA Contraptions

  • Will stimulate your mind and entertain with learning that’s right on track
  • Create ramps, funnels, chutes and crazy contraptions like the “Black Hole” or the “Bounce Plate”
  • No Glue, no connectors – just loads of constructive fun


Magnetic Building Blocks

  • With magnetic construction pieces, children and kids can DIY create hundreds of kinds of 2D plane shapes or 3D geometric structures. 
  • Help to lead children to the world of limitless imagination and creativity. Also ideal for childrens creativity and brain development.



The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

  • This game has it all! Fine Motor, turn taking, social skills and more!
  • Color matching game for all ages
  • Designed to teach matching, sorting, counting, and simple math skills
  • Great first board game for a child.




The Scrambled States of America

  • Not only do kids learn all about the states with this game, they have a blast while playing. This is one of the most requested games that we have in our game collection.
  • Turn taking and quick thinking make this a fun fast paced game.



Fine Motor Toys

Froggy Feeding Fun

  • Roll a cube to determine which flies to munch- practice number and color matching skills too
  • Includes 2 durable rubber frogs 60 flies 1 number cube 1 color cube and activity guide





Design and Drill Activity Center

  • Builds coordination, imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills
  • Features 20 Activity Cards with design ideas children can follow for an additional color-matching challenge
  • Includes plastic bolts, a reversible power drill, a screwdriver, 3 drill bits,a combination wrench and activity board


Mushroom Nail Baby Kids Play Toys

  • Builds coordination, imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills
  • Kids can DIY many sorts of design with these colorful mushroom nails, amazing
  • Children can follow for an additional color-matching challenge
  • This product contains small parts, small age babies must be in parents’ care



Gross Motor and Active Toys

 Razor Crazy Car

  • Features variable speed foot pedal acceleration reaches speeds up to 12 mph
  • Drift Bar allows drivers to completely control their drifts, spins, and cornering
  • Zooming around in these carts builds core strength and motor planning.

Gonge River Stones

  • Great for improving coordination and balance
  • Each side of the stones vary in steepness and difficulty
  • May be stacked for easy storage
  • Rubber rim prevents slipping
  • Contains 3 large stones and 3 small stones




FlagHouse The Sound Steps

  • Makes a fun sound when stepping up or down on step
  • The Sound Steps helps develop balance
  • Made with bright, engaging colors





  • Award Winning Balance Bike
  • High Impact Plastic for Durability
  • Two Rear Wheels for Additional Stability
  • High ground clearance allows for safer riding
  • Bigger Wheels for safer riding



Math Games

Clumsy Thief

  • A hilarious, fast-paced money game
  • Kids need to add the cards to make $100.
  • It helps develop quick response times. Kids need to pay attention to the cards that the other players have and react first to steal their cards.
  • Reinforces addition and strategy skills




Sum Swamp

  • Math becomes an adventure as children add and subtract their way across the swamp
  • Fluency in early math skills is made into a social affair as children take turns, follow directions and sequence steps to play.
  • Winner of 6 awards


Cutting Fruit & Vegetables Pretend Set

  • Set (11pcs) includes: Orange, Apple, Watermelon, Corn, Grape, Strawberry, Banana, Eggplant, Chili, Knife, Cutting board
  • Set of colorful fruit and vegetable toys for your children
  • Made of environment-friendly plastic, no harm to kids Each fruit and vegetable can be sliced in half because they are connected with Velcro


Pretend and Play Cash Register

  • Four built-in learning activities, each with three difficulty levels, keep learning stimulating and fresh
  • Transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds and voice messages
  • This cash register helps children learn practical money skills of coin identification and value.
  • Fosters healthy early childhood development by helping kids interpret and imitate the world around them. Winner of 15 awards

Reading Games

Story Cubes

  • Rory’s Story Cubes is a pocket-sized creative story generator, providing hours of imaginative play for all ages.
  • Story Cubes are a great way to get visual thinkers and reluctant writers to find the power of story-telling.
  • Reinforces artistic expression.
  • This toy makes a great travel or waiting room game.



  • The SHORT Word Game winner of over 20 Best Game Awards including MENSA Select
  • For the FUN of words
  • Great family game, kids can compete with adults
  • Easy to learn with unlimited replay value
  • A delightful challenge for rookies and wordsmiths alike.


Word Shark

  • Kids have fun while building words
  • Ages 7 & Up
  • Includes: 10 two-sided mats, 58 vowel tiles, 92 consonant tiles




Apples to Apples

  • Apples to Apples are the game of hilarious comparisons
  • It’s as easy as comparing apples to apples… just open the box, deal the cards, and you’re ready to play
  • Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge
  • Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events


Snap Circuits

  • Be amazed at what your music can do with the new Snap Circuits Lights
  • Color organ controlled by iPod or other MP3 player, voice or finger
  • Enjoy your music as the lights change to the beat
  • Plus many more Snap Circuits projects



Totally Gross: The Game

  • Play award-winning Totally Gross from University Games, the science game that makes learning fun
  • Kids and parents will enjoy plenty of laughs answering silly science questions and acting out the Gross Out challenges
  • Questions cover biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy, zoology, anatomy, and physics


Salt Water Robot

  • This robot kit is a hands-on learning experience that illustrates the value of alternate energy sources.
  • The robot is powered by the chemical reaction of salt water and charcoal, and is safe and non-toxic.
  • This kit contains all the parts and materials needed to create a salt-water-powered robot.



Earth Lab

  • National Geographic’s Net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research and education programs
  • Preserve our planet
  • Sustainable Earth Lab Environmental Science Kit
  • Experiment to save our planet
  • For ages 8 years and above

Social Skills

Give Me 5 Social Skills Game

  • Helps children succeed with social interactions
  • Created by Developmental Therapist
  • Great for children with Autism
  • Fun way to learn and nurture self esteem





What Would You Do? Cards

  • Fun, Easy Way to Practice Problem Solving & Good Social Skills
  • Educational – Helps Children Learn to Make Good Choices In & Around School





  • The award winning, goofy guessing game of “What am I?” with Hedbanz is a great way to get children to look at each other.
  • Kids use their heads in more ways than one while asking yes or no questions to figure out if the cartoon on their head
  • Be the first player to guess what you are and win by asking questions. This helps build conversational skills!

Vision Toys; Toys for the Eyes


  • For ages 3 and up
  • Kids love looking for items because of the wonderfully engaging illustrations by Richard Scarry. Kids have fun and build confidence every time they say, “I found it!”
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Promotes attention to detail
  • Reinforces object identification and matching skills


  • Exciting games of visual hide and seek
  • 100 different mission cards in 3 categories
  • Includes 9 two-sided gameboard tiles, 108 cards, dice, timer and instructions
  • For 2 or more people




Educational Gifts for Kids Ages 2-12. Kids will have so much fun they won’t notice that they are learning, too!

While you are shopping for gifts for the kids, the kids can be busy making gifts for others.

Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart
Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart
Fabric Bowls
Fabric Bowls




Puzzle Pins Art Project
Puzzle Pins Art Project
Art Activities
Paper Mache Plates

The Best Educational Gifts for Kids Ages 2-12

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  1. Awesome list, thank you so much. I’m sharing with a friend of mine. Thank you


  2. Love these ideas! Many of these I don’t have – but I LOVE giving educational gifts. Saving this so I can get some for my little ones.


  3. The fort kit and river stones sound wonderful. We have several of the games. I’m also going to check out those bikes. Thanks for the suggestions!


  4. What a great collection of ideas! I’ve always loved the idea of a Fort Magic kit but I’m not so thrilled with the price tag! Will have to check out those River Stones though!


  5. What a great list! We have many of these, but there were some that I had never heard of before. I love giving educational gifts. Thanks for sharing!


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