My little one and I love creating valentines for his classmates. This year we had a little trouble deciding which idea to pursue. Some of the ideas we had were great in theory but not very practical when having to be reproduced 15 times. That’s when we thought to make Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines.

Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines

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Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines; a Non-Candy Valentine

In the end, we settled on this idea of making Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines because it was the most fun to make of the bunch and we could make enough for all his classmates. It has the added benefit of being a non-candy valentine that the kids love. Our Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines project is also great for fine motor and hand-strengthening practice.

Confetti Heart Boxes

Materials for Your Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines:

Colored Construction Paper or Card Stock

Red Glitter and other embellishments (optional)

Glue Sticks


Heart Hand Punch

Heart-Shaped Cardboard Boxes (I got mine at Michael’s)

Confetti Heart Boxes Materials


Step 1: Making Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines

Create and print your message on your computer (I used noteworthy for my font and 12pt)

Cut out your message so that you can later glue it to your box lid.

Confetti Heart Boxes Instruction 1

Step 2: Making Confetti Heart Boxes Valentines

Cover your lid with glue, attach the message and sprinkle with glitter. Attach any other embellishments you may have.

Glue the sender’s name inside the box on the bottom surface.

Confetti Heart Boxes Instruction 2

Step 3: Making the Confetti for your Heart Boxes Valentines

While that’s drying, punch out several hearts in various colors.

We covered one of our hearts with glue and sprinkled it with red glitter.

Put all of the hearts inside the box.

Confetti Heart Boxes Sample


My little one loves working with glitter which is why we chose that medium but this heart boxes Valentines project lends itself to many variations. You could cover the little boxes with colored tissue paper or even paint them. You could also fill the box with a sweet treat but my little boy sure enjoyed punching out those hearts and I think his friends will love their heart shaped confetti.

Heart Box Templates

If you don’t have heart boxes handy, here are a few places you can download and print heart box templates:

Kids Playroom Ideas

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

 Have a Fun and Happy Valentine’s Day! 



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