As parents, we are always looking for toys and games that give us the most value. We like our toy shelves filled with toys and games that the kids want to play again and again. As therapists and educators, we want to maximize every teachable moment. At work, we often play educational games because we believe that children can learn many valuable skills and lessons while they play. Toys that have kids laughing while they learn are the toys we play with again and again. Educational toys make great gifts and our clients are always asking us for suggestions about what educational gifts for kids we recommend.

Educational Toys Make Great Gifts

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Right now many of the parents are asking us about gift ideas for kids ages 7-10.

For us, that’s an exciting age for toys and games. There are so many fabulous educational toys available we think you can find the perfect gift for every child.

Building Toys are high on our list of educational gifts list

Building and construction toys encourage creative thinking, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and eye-hand coordination.
Quadpro 36 Piece Magnet Tiles Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids, Standard Set with Wheel is a toy that the kids will play with again and again. The variety of building possibilities is practically endless.

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set is a versatile construction set. We added our own twist to it with two dice. On dice with colors, the other with numbers. The kids roll the dice and then collect the matching number of colored pieces to build their creation.

Stick-lets Fort Kit is one of our new favorite building toys. The simple clips attach to sticks and natural items so the kids can build fantastic forts while playing outside and enjoying nature!

K’NEX building kits are one of our favorite construction toys. Following the directions to build one of their designs teaches the kids about following directions, problem solving, and eye-hand coordination.

If you are interested in finding more Building Toys then you should check out these fabulous Lego gift ideas for kids!

Unique Lego sets will delight the kids and they make fun Lego gifts.

Educational Toys That Make Great Gifts

STEM Toys for Kids

STEM activities have captured the attention and imagination of parents, educators, and kids. With all the High-Tech Toys for Kids that are available now, you can find just the right gift for every child. Hands-on experiences for kids are a brilliant way for them to explore and learn. There are also some awesome Hands-on Science Activity Books available.

Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration is a little pricey for a board game but is worth the price. Children will learn what it takes to have an actual space mission.

Our kids have been enjoying learning about physics. The Physics Workshop has a variety of projects for the kids and the directions are clear enough for the kids to follow on their own.

The budding mechanical engineer will go wild for Discovering Stem Mechanics Pulley Drives Building Kit. This all-inclusive kit can make a variety of simple machines. After the kids have fun building their machine, they will love exploring how these simple machines work.

We have been fans of Snap Circuits for a long time. Their kits are easy to use and can make so many different contraptions. We were super excited to see that there is now a Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Green available.

Toys That Build Math Skills

Math Missions is a fast paced game that “builds real-world math skills”. We also really like that the game can adjust according to each child’s level and progress.

Brain Quest Smart Game is an engaging game that incorporates a variety of subjects into the gameplay. This is a game that the kids will want to play again and again!

“The K’NEX Education – Elementary Math and Geometry Set allows students to build, investigate and explore geometry concepts, vocabulary, and structures in a 2-D and 3-D world.” I was so excited when I found this toy. So many kids love to build. Incorporating math, geometry, and building is a brilliant way to get the kids laughing while they learn.

We like to involve movement with learning so Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge is a great fit for our children and the children we work with. Kids answer math questions by stomping on the mat.

Educational Toys Make Great Gifts. Here are some games and toys that have kids laughing while they learn.

Reading Safari is a fabulous game to use at home or in the classroom to improve sight word recognition; build vocabulary; increase fluency; introduce grammar basics, and engage social skills.

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? UNBORED Treasure Hunt Game is a “seriously fun activity kit will teach your child about mapping and using a compass.”

Brain Freeze From MIGHTY FUN encourages taking turns, speech-language skills, problem-solving and the best part is the kids want to play this game over and over again. It is also a game that players of different ages can all enjoy playing.

We are always looking for cooperative games. It teaches us all the value of working together. Family Pastimes Caves and Claws – A Co-operative Adventure Game is a winner. The game has three parts. First, players have to build the paths to the abandoned caves and temples. Second, using the paths, search for and discover the treasures. Finally, everyone must return safely to base camp with what they gathered.

We do love all of these toys and games but we also do strive for a minimalist approach to life. Sometimes the best idea is to look for consumable gifts for kids. 

We were excited to find a great list of clutter-free gifts for kids. Be sure to check it out.

Educational Toys Make Great Gifts

We hope that we have given you enough Educational Gift Ideas for Kids so that you can get the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

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